Best Windshield Sun Shade

Sunlight can damage a car’s interiors. Fabrics used in the car seats lose their brightness and color, and the dashboard gets cracked up. The best windshield sun shade keeps the sun’s rays, thereby preventing potential damage when parking it outdoors.

Good windshield sun shades block out the sun’s harmful rays to protect the car interiors from various damages. It also absorbs the sun’s heat to prevent the car from overheating from the inside.

Windshield Sun Shade Reviews

OxGord Auto Car Sunshade


OxGord Auto Car Sunshade by OxGord is a good windshield sun shade, which can do its job. With its large size, it can cover an entire windshield. You can fold it, making it easy to fit in any vehicle’s windshield.

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EPAuto Car Windshield Sun Shade


EPAuto Car Windshield Sun Shade by EPAuto is a lightweight sun shade, which you can easily install and store. Its size can fit most car windshields. It also has a UV Ray deflector, which sends UV Rays away from your car.

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Car Windshield Sunshade Jumbo


Car Windshield Sunshade Jumbo by Coveted Shade is another way to keep your car cooler. It fits well on tall windshield, but you can also place it on other windshield types. It can protect your car’s interior from UV Rays.

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Shade-It Shade 19OT


Shade-It Shade 19OT is a windshield sunshade made by Shade-It. It’s a good one in terms of keeping the heat of the sun away from your car. You can easily fold it and store it anywhere.

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Car Sunshade Windshield


SunVia’s Car Sunshade Windshield will protect your car’s interior from the sun. It is made of materials that can deflect UV rays. It also features an anti-slip gravity mat that sometimes can’t prevent it from falling off the windshield.

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EzyShade Car Windshield SunShade


This product by EzyShade comprises two rectangular windshield sunshade. You can easily overlap these two if your windshield is too big. It can easily adapt to different windshield sizes. It is good in keeping the interior of your car cool.

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X-Shade Jumbo Sun Shade


X-Shade’s Jumbo Sun Shade is a windshield sun shade, which offers a cooler car temperature. Its jumbo size, measuring 59×35.1 inches, can fit an entire windshield. It is also made from materials, making it easy to use and store.

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This sun shade from Pro Shade is a decent one that’ll keep your car cool. It is made of a fabric that can protect you and your car from harmful UV Rays. It also has a wire frame, making it bendable and durable, though this frame also makes it difficult to fold.

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Basix Magic Shade Jumbo


Basix Magic Shade Jumbo by Basix has two shades that can easily fit on any windshield. It can also protect you and your car from harmful UV rays, though the fabric they’re made of are extremely thin, giving off a cheap feeling.

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Hippo No. 1 Front Car Sunshade Windshield


This product by Hippo is a good windshield sunshade. It is made of a bubble layer, which protects your car from the sun. It also features suction cups, making it easier to install them.

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Types of Windshield Sunshade

Windshield or window sunshades have different designs and materials. Some brands offer a complete vehicle kit that can be used for all seasons. Others offer customized shades.

Some types of windshields are used for the rear windows of the car to block direct sunlight from entering your vehicle. This type usually comes in 2 pieces – perfect for your left and right window.

Front windshield shades not only block but also reduce the harmful UV rays from entering your car. Since the front is where the heat is mostly directed at, this type can be very beneficial.

A variety of the front windshield sunshades comes with a shade for the front windshield and two shades for the rear windows of the car.

A not so common sunshade is a tent-like structure that can keep the entire car protected from direct sunlight, unlike other shades that are only used for the windshield.

Most windshield shades or window shades are now easy to store because they’re not as bulky or big as before. Some shades can be folded or collapsed into a flat circle.

How to Select a Windshield Sunshade

The heat during summer can become an inconvenience when driving unless you have some protection from the harmful UV rays. It can also potentially damage your car interior.

Selecting the best sunshade is not that difficult. There are lots of options to choose from – from designs to construction – that can fit your style and budget.

Choosing the design is one of the easiest decisions to make. Some shades have customized designs so you can choose the one that fits your style.

Durability is probably one of the important factors to think about. Some shades are not that durable in places with a very sunny weather like Texas.

Performance is yet another important factor to take into consideration when selecting sunshades. There are sunshades that can make the interior up to 44 times cooler than when cars are left uncovered.

Consider the size of the windshield sunshade you need. Some shades are meant for bigger vehicles while others are typically good for small and medium-sized cars.

How to Use a Windshield Sunshade

The interior of the car can be damaged because of direct sunlight exposure. The seat leather or fabric may lose its color and the dashboard can develop cracks.

Using windshield sunshade is important to prevent this damage. These shades can also help reduce the heat inside the car so you can breathe when you get inside.

For easy installation, make sure you open the sunshade inside the car instead of opening it outside and have a hard time putting it inside.

Put the sunshade’s bottom edge to the bottom part of the dashboard and make the sunshade as close to the windshield as possible, for better protection.

Make the sunshade fit into the windshield. Make sure that it fits around the rear view mirror. Remember, the shade must be aligned with the windshield.

When you’re done using the sunshade, fold it together and store it in a carrying case. The case often comes with the sunshade upon purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions About a Windshield Sunshade

What sizes are available? Will it fit in my car? The answer to this question depends on the specifications of a specific product. Check with the manufacturer.

How do you fold this sunshade? Some sunshades need to be twisted down into a small package while others have to be rolled up. Please check the details of the product.

Will this hold up at 80+ degrees heat on most days? Most windshields can withstand heat at any degree though some may be more durable than others.

What is it made of? The materials used vary by manufacturer but most windshield sunshades are made from polyester (nylon) materials while others use rubber.

How often should I replace the sunshades? Depending on the materials used and its durability, some sunshades can last for years while others wear out in a short period of time.

How do I set it up? Some sunshades need to be pulled up over the visors. Others need to be rolled down. Check the product details to confirm.

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