Best Roof Rack

Are you fond of outdoor sports that utilizes numerous and large equipment? Do you regularly transport huge bags or boxes? If it’s yes, then you must get the best roof rack available.

You don’t have to be an outdoorsy person to appreciate this car accessory. The sleek and sturdy bars make it possible to safely transport large-sized gear or containers that won’t fit inside your car.

Roof Rack Reviews

Curt 18115 Roof Mounted Cargo Rack


The Curt 18115 Roof Mounted Roof Rack is a sturdy and lightweight rack that can carry all your essential things without worrying anything. It is easy to install, making it hassle free for you.

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Universal Black Roof Rack Cargo


The Universal Black Roof Rack Cargo by ARKSEN has a steel wind fairing that reduces wind resistance and noise. Its side rails and bottom metal bars can keep your belongings in place as you travel.

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Rage Powersports RCB-3745-U Universal Roof Bar


The Rage Powersports RCB-3745-U Universal Roof Bar can be installed quickly and can load up to 150 lbs. Its non-mar feet protect the roof while the end-caps prevent the cargo from bumping.

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SKY1515 Universal Roof Rack


The SKY1515 Universal Roof Rack by Best Choice Products has a dimension of 44” x 39”x 6”. It also has steel wind fairing and can carry 150 lbs. of your belongings.

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2012-2016 Honda Cr-v Crossbars Roof Luggage Racks


The Roof Luggage Racks by Brightlines is sturdy that makes it perfect for every travel. It can carry a load of 132lbs. It is lightweight and easy to install.

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RLB-2301 Roof Rack Cross Bars


The RLB-2301 Roof rack Cross Bars by Rage Powersports is perfect for cars, vans, SUVs or trucks. It is adjustable and can load up to 130 lbs.

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601011 Black Rooftop Cargo Rack


The 601011 Black Rooftop Cargo Rack by Lund works best with most minivans and SUVs. It is sturdy enough to carry your luggage while keeping it in position.

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608400 Tubular Roof Rack


The 608400 Scale Off Road Roof Rack by PROLINE is made up of high quality material. It has a removable front faring and side plates so you can customize the look of your rack.

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1041900 U-Venture Steel Rooftop Cargo


The U-Venture Steel Rooftop Cargo by Highland has a sleek design and high quality steel which can load up to 125 lbs. of your belongings. It’s a perfect rack for your travel.

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59504 Vortex Roof Mounted Cargo Basket


The Vortex Roof Mounted Cargo by Rola has a black powder finish which ensures that it will last without rust. You can also extend it using Rola 59505 Extender.

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Types of Roof Racks

Raised rail – This is commonly used today, especially on minivans, wagon and SUVs. The rack runs the entire length of the roof. It is attached to the roof edges.

Bare roof – The rubber bases are uniquely shaped. The metal brackets are rubber coated. This type fits varied roof contour profiles. For this reason, many vehicles use this type.

Flush rail – This is a newer type first used in European vehicles. It does not have any space in between the vehicle roof and the rail (hence, “flushed”).

Tracks – This is similar to the flush rail but with parallel tracks for positioning the crossbar system. Professionals should install this because drilling is necessary.

Fixed point – The connections are factory-threaded on the roof’s outer edge. The fixed points are nearly invisible when not in use. Connection points are beneath a roof trim piece.

Half rails – There are only 2 rails running parallel on the sides of the roof. There are no crossbars and roof rack mounting hardware pack is required.

How to Know What Type of Roof Rack to Choose?

Vehicles with raised roof rails – The vehicle’s manufacturer is often the one, which often fits the rails with a clear gap between the rail and the roof.

This is common in SUVs and estate cars. The choice of rack for this type of rail is a tower-style rack with 4 feet or based on 2 rails.

Vehicles with solid roof rails – The rails are flushed to the car roof with no visible gaps in between. These are often referred to as factory pre-drilled roofs.

The choice is factory roof racks or installed flush roof rack. The owner can choose to install the rack flushed or raised for tying cargo.

Vehicles with fixed points – The fixed points are generally inside the doorjamb or on the roof. Rain gutter mount is the choice, where the feet are clamped to the rain gutter on the 4 corners of the vehicle.

Vehicles with bare roof – If the car has no railings or roof gutters, the best choice is feet- or tower-style racks. Attachment requires a mounting kit.

Advantages of Roof Rack

Versatility – Roof racks are versatile that you can easily adjust them. This allows them to accommodate a wide range of items, from bikes to kayaks, cargo boxes to suitcases.

Stability – Items are secured to the roof of the vehicle and owners don’t need to worry about getting these blown off as they travel. Items do not roll bump into each other.

Unobtrusive – Bulky items like cargo boxes, surfboards, etc. are conveniently carried to places without taking up space inside the vehicle. It also keeps items out of the driver’s view.

Relatively affordable – The rack may cost a lot upon purchase and installation may add more to expenses. However, the convenience and chance to bring along larger items like bikes is worth the cost.

Protects the roof – The racks come with mounting systems that will protect the roof paint from damage caused by whatever is loaded on the rack. It prevents direct contact between load and roof. .

Flexible – The roof rack can easily adapt to the changing seasons. Some adjustments allow for changes depending on the need based on the prevailing season.

How to Mount Roof Rack

Get someone to help. This is at least a 2-man job. An extra pair of hands will reduce the risk of damaging anything or scratching the car during installation.

Read instructions. There are different sets of instructions for each type of roof rack. Each has its own fitting position and torque settings for proper fit.

Keep things clean. Before installation, the roof and each part of the mounting system and the rack should be clean. Dirt and grime can scratch the paintwork.

Install crossbars. Check the manual to see the required distance between the front and the rear crossbar. Move them apart until the bindings fit in between.

Lubricate. Apply only a small amount of copper grease on all the bolts. This will prevent rust formation and make future rack removal easier.

Check torque settings. Check the roof rack installation manual to see the specified torque settings. Overtightening can damage the roof and/or the rack.

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