Best Oil Drain Pan

Many car owners disregard the importance of an oil drain pan or container. In reality, the best oil drain pan helps in capturing all the old oils when the time to change a vehicle’s oil comes.

A good oil drain pan must be capable of preventing spillages. It should effectively catch the oils that come out of the vehicle during an oil change. Disposing these old oils becomes easier with the use of the drain pan.

Oil Drain Pan Reviews

Lisle 17922 Drain Pan


Lisle’s 17922 Drain Pan can catch all your car’s oil drips and other mess with its 7.5-gallon capacity. Its design makes it easy for you to pour and dispose liquid. This drain pan is a durable one in its class.

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Behrens 2168 3-Gallon Seamless Drain/Utility Pan


This rust-free product by Behrens is a versatile. It is made of materials that are hard to bend or deform. It can also withstand high temperatures.

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Flo Tool 42003MI Drain Container


Flo Tool 42003MI Drain Container by Hopkins is a durable oil drain container with nice design. It can securely store oil drain with a lower chance of leakage.

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Matrix Concepts M28


This oil drain container by Matrix Concepts has a built-in oil drain pan. It can catch oil drips and, at the same time, store them. With its design, you can easily dispose the collected liquid.

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Hopkins 42004MI Flo Tool


This drain pan by Hopkins is good for large vehicles. It has a nice design, which promotes ease in transporting it. You also need not to worry about leaks while transporting it.

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Capri Tools CP21023


Capri Tools CP21023 Portable Oil Drain Pan is a solid one. Its design lets you handle it easily, making it easy to transport. If you prefer a simple yet sturdy oil drain pan, Capri Tools CP21023 is suitable for you.

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GarageBoss 12.5 Quart Oil Drain Pan


GarageBOSS’ oil drain pan can wipe away all your worries of leakage. This product has two openings that are tightly sealed by removable caps. It also comes with a funnel that will make your fluid draining cleaner and faster.

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Wedco 83150 Recycle Drain Pan


This oil drain pan by Wedco provides convenience with the way it looks. It offers easy fluid draining and transport. It’s also a durable oil drain pan.

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Lumax LX-1632


This oil drain pan by Lumax offers an elegant design. With its design, you’ll experience a hassle-free draining. Though there may be some small leakages, this drain pan can still get its job done.

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Custom Accessories 31118


Custom Accessories’ 31118 oil drain pain has enough capacity for small engines. It can hold up to 6 quarts of oil with a lower chance of leakage. It is made from a thin material, which sometimes gives off a cheap feeling.

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Types of Oil Drain Pan

Oil drain pan is also known as oil drip pan, oil drain container or oil catch pan. It is an open container that is placed under the car to catch the oil as it spills out.

Some oil drain pan has a simple design – four sides and a bottom. Other pans have other features like mesh screens and sealing lids.

There are oil drain pans with a pouring spout that is used to carefully pour the oil out. They’re good in collecting the oil and dumping it out.

Oil drain pans with mesh screens on top are also available in the market. The mesh screen helps in minimizing the mess in catching the oil.

Other designs of oil drain pans have sealing lids on top. What this does is make it easy for you to readily store the oil after the process.

Some oil drain pan products offer a combination of different features. Handles are also placed in some oil drain pans which make it easy to carry around.

How to Select an Oil Drain Pan

All oil drain pans are used for the same purpose – catch oil and prevent spills. It varies in dimensions, extra features, quality and capacity.

Get an oil drill pan that can hold as much as your engine. The recommended size is 50% bigger than your engine which means if your engine can hold 7.5 quarts, then get a pan that can hold 12.5 quarts.

Aside from size, also check the dimensions needed to use the oil drain pan with ease. Find a pan that’s low enough so you don’t have to jack the car up.

Finding the right height dimension makes the entire process easier and less time-consuming. It’s safer and faster because you don’t have to raise your car up.

Getting a pan with a sealing lid or a top that closes can be beneficial especially if you need to use the oil drain pan for storage.

Search for an oil drain pan that has a pour spout. This can be very useful in catching the oil without any mess or spills on the floor.

How to Clean an Oil Drain Pan

Oil drain pan is commonly used when your vehicle needs an oil change – usually every 3000-6000 miles. With the use of oil drain pan, you can easily catch the oil and store it in a different container.

But, how do you clean your oil change materials like the oil drain pan? Different people do it differently. Here’s a few ways to clean it.

Some people let the pan dry first and just close the lid without doing anything. Others position the pan vertically to empty the basin and after a few hours, it’s become empty.

Other people wipe the oil drain pan with a rag after use. To get rid of the motor oil, they use a powder from an automotive shop.

After draining as much excess oil as possible from the oil drain pan, a few people likes to spray BrakeCleens to completely clean the oil catch basin.

While others think that cleaning the oil drill plan is useless as it will get dirty and oily again on its next use, it’s still advisable to at least drain the oil.

Frequently Asked Questions About an Oil Drain Pan

What is the size of the pan? Can it be used on my car? The size of the oil drain pan varies. Check the product details for specifications.

Does this pan have wheels? Most of the oil drain pans have two wheels to easily move it under the car. Check the product details for specifications.

How tall is the pan while lying flat under the car? Dimensions vary per pan. Some pans can be 6 inches in height. Others can be shorter. Check the product details for specifications.

Does it come with some sort of mesh that can drain the oil? Not all oil drain pans come with a mesh screen. You have to check with the manufacturer.

Are there any oil splatters when the oil drains into the pan? Pans typically minimize or reduce splatters to a minimum. You may check customer reviews to get ideas. 

How many gallons can I put into this pan? The capacity varies per product. It can be 4.5 gallons, 5 gallons or less. You have to check the details for specific information.

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