Best LED Light Bar (for cars)

When your headlights get busted or dim, and they cannot widely illuminate a darkened highway, wouldn’t you feel unsafe?If you frequently have to drive through dark roads, you need to get the best LED light bar (for cars).

LED bulbs give off better quality light. They are cheaper and last longer than old-fashioned bulbs with filaments. Whether mounted on the roof or the front hood of a car, seeing the road and being seen on the road at night won’t be a problem anymore.

LED Light Bar (for cars) Reviews

Econoled 20″ Led-22″ Light Bar


The Econoled 20” Led-22” Light Bar is an easy to use LED bar for your car. It has plug-and-play wiring for easy installation. The lights have zero UV emissions. You can switch them on and off instantly without warm up.

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LED Light Bar, Northpole Light [2 Pack]


The LED Light Bar by Northpole Light is a heavy-duty light with a waterproof, shockproof and dustproof aluminum housing, stainless steel mounting bracket, and shatterproof lenses. It’s suitable for those who need lights that can withstand harsh climates and conditions

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LightFox New Super Bright 120W 22″ inch LED Light Bar


The Super Bright LED Light Bar by Lightfox has a special yellow coating that can cut through heavy fog and let you see the road clearly. It’s ideal for people who live in such weather conditions.

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Nilight 2PCS 6.5″ 36w Flood LED Work Light Off Road LED Light Bar


The Nilight 6.5” 36w lights have unique flood led cups that give a clearer view of the road. These are also stable enough that you can use them for rocky terrain for off-road or mountain driving.

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MICTUNING 32-Inch 180W 3B239C Curved LED Light Bar


The MicTuning LED Light Bar is a versatile light, which you can use anywhere. It comes with a free 12-foot rocker switch, wiring harness, relay, on/off switch, and mounting brackets so you have everything you need to install it.

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YITAMOTOR Curved 300w 52″ inch Off road Led Light Bar Combo Car Led


The YITAMOTOR Led Light is a large, curved bar with two rows of LEDs. The curved design broadens the light’s reach. It is suitable for off-road vehicles such as trucks, SUVs, and ATVs, or special vehicles like buses and boats.

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Nilight 22″ 120w LED Light Bar 


The Nilight 22” 120 LED Light Bar is ideal for those who live in rainy climates. The light bar is made with stainless steel that won’t corrode and can withstand hard rains.

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Topcarlight 24inch 120w LED Work Light Bar


This 24-inch LED Work Light Bar by Topcarlight is for those with large cars that need a powerful light. It has an aluminum casing that is waterproof, anti-corrosion, and shake-proof.

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Kawell K5-5118


The Kawell K5-5118 is more suitable for off-road vehicles. It is also useful for construction vehicles such as cranes and bulldozers. It’s made of aluminum and has a waterproof rating of IP 67. It’s durable enough for professional use.

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Nilight Led Light Bar 2PCS 18w 4″ Flood Driving Fog Light Off Road Lights Boat Lights driving lights Led Work Light SUV Jeep Lamp


These Nilight Led Light Bars are compact, dustproof, and waterproof up to 1 meter. You can use them indoors or outdoors and attach them to cars, boats, motorcycles or any vehicle for a broader illuminated view while taking up little space.

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Types of beams for led light bars

Spot beam: The beam of light has a narrow spread of only 30 degrees. This is ideal for task-specific lighting purposes, such as driving on dirt trails or when there is minimal visibility on the road.

This is the choice when you wish to use the LED light bar for night time travels. You can also use this to light up a specific area such as a spot on the road.

Flood beam: The beam pattern is wide, reaching up to 60 degrees. This is ideal for lighting up a larger area, without needing any intense lighting.

This is ideal if you wish a wide sweep over an area, without giving any particular interest to details. You may use this to illuminate camp sites, etc.

Combo beam: This is the choice for those seeking versatility with their LED light bars. It has both spot beam and flood beam patterns in the same light bar.

One huge trade off with the combo type is that the lights produced are not as intense as a sole spot beam LED light bar.

Types of mounting areas for led light bar

Front bumper: This is the most convenient place to mount the LED light bar. Most bumpers even have holes, eliminating the need for additional mounting hardware.

The trade off is on light direction. From this position LED light bars emit light from the same direction as the stock headlights. There is no multiple-angle lighting options.

Lower windshield pillar mount: This is another great mounting option. This greatly increases visibility from the greater light angle differentiation. The light bar will complement the light from the stock headlights.

Additional mounting hardware is required. Drilling is also needed for the wiring system. In case the light bar is moved in the future, the holes can easily be filled with plugs from any hardware.

Above the windshield: This provides the greatest light angle differentiation for the best visibility. This is also the choice for the largest LED light bars available.

Combination: There are no hard and fast rules for mounting LED light bars. You may add the bars in various combinations to suit your preference and various needs.

Advantages of led light bar

Increased reliability: The light bar consists of separately functioning high intensity lamps. That means even if one gets busted, the other lamps can still provide enough lighting.

High output efficiency: LED lights are very energy efficient. Each lamp can have up to 80% light output efficiency. This contributes to longer lifespan (more than 50,000 hours).

No conversion required:Modern LED lamps do not require voltage or ballast conversion. These can run well on the usual 13.8 volts found in most automotive systems.

Hardy: LED lamps are most capable of standing up to the shocks and vibrations from travel. Some are even equipped to handle rough road or off-road conditions.

Cooler: The heat from the light are projected towards the rear. This reduces the heat on the actual lamps, which makes the lenses cool to touch.

Faster adjustments: LED lamps do not require a long period to reach full illumination. This also allows for quicker adjustments in the light beams, in a matter of milliseconds.

What to look for in a led light bar

Size: Available sizes range from 6 to 50 inches, depending on the mounting location. Smaller lights are for front mounting and larger ones are for over-the-windshield.

Shape: Available shapes include rectangular, square and round. The light distribution is affected by the shape of the lamp. It also affects where the light bar can be mounted.

Color: LED lamps come in blue, white, amber, red white, amber white and white. The choice of color is based on personal preferences and needs.

The brightest light is white but is blinding. Red white and blue tend to be dimmer but less hurtful for the eyes. Amber and amber white are mid range and not as glaring as white.

Light frequencies: Light spectrum spans from red-violet to ultraviolet. Frequencies towards the violet end tend to give better illumination but produce greater eye strain. Ideal is closest to daylight color temperature of 5,500K.

Arrangement: LED lamps can be arranged in so many ways, such as circular and square. The arrangements can span only a few inches or reaching up to 4 feet.

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