Best Ice Scraper (And Snow Brush for Car)

Accumulated snow piling up on vehicles can potentially damage cars and wreck their exteriors. Clearing snow from cars is a must, but that task is tough to do manually. The best ice scraper and snow brushes for cars can help lighten the job.

Ice scrapers and brushes for cars must be gentle enough to avoid further damage to its paint and exteriors. They should also be tough enough to remove tons of snow ice that are too heavy to scrape off manually.

Ice Scraper (And Snow Brush for Car) Reviews

Hopkins 532 Mallory 26”


Hopkins 532 Mallory 26” is a durable product made by Mallory USA. It is a 2-in-1 snow removal tool, which has a brush on one end and a scraper on the other. This tool also has a foam grip, making it more comfortable to use.

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Sno Brum Original Snow Removal Tool


This tool by Sno Brum is a good snow removal tool. Its rod is adjustable, making it easier to remove snow across your car’s windshield and roof. Its face plate is attached to a foam, which won’t leave any scratch or marks on your car.

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CJ Industries F101


CJ Industries named this tool as “Fantastic Ice Scraper”. This ice scraper comes with a brass blade, which can remove ice with just a single swipe. It is small in size, but you can still expect it to get the job done.

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Hopkins Subzero 16621


This lightweight ice scraper by Subzero is a sturdy one. Its body or handle, when used, wouldn’t seem to break into two. Each of its ends has a blade suited for removing ice or frost.

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True Temper 32-inch Scratch-Free Snow Brush


True Temper 32-inch Scratch-Free Snow Brush is made by The AMES Companies, Inc. The slim design of the brush will let you remove ice from the small spaces of your car. It comes with an ice scraper, too.

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CJHFamily Premium Auto Ice Snow Scraper


This tool by CJHFamily has a good design. Its easy to grip handle is neither too long nor too short. It also has a hanging hole, making it easier for you to store it inside your car.

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OXO Good Grips Extendable Twister


OXO Good Grips Extendable Twister by OXO, as it name suggests, can be extended up to 11 inches. You can also twist its brush to an angle of 90 degrees. It provides comfort with its soft grip handle.

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Rocky Mountain Ice Scraper


Rocky Mountain Ice Scraper is a product of Primary Automotive. This durable ice scraper, like any 2-in-1 snow removal tool, has 2 ends – one for breaking the ice and one for scraping. It comes with a waterproof bag, making it easy to store even when it’s still wet.

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BirdRock Home 55” Extendable Snow MOOver and Ice Scraper


The BirdRock Home 55” is a tool, which promotes easy ice scraping and snow removal. This tool by BirdRock has a head, which you can twist to 90 degrees. The ice scrapers attached on its tail are also removable, letting you use both ends at the same time.

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Snow Joe SJBLZD Telescoping Snow Broom


This product by Snow Joe is good for removing snow from the roof of your car and other hard to reach areas. It can easily sweep large amounts of snow. Its tail also has an ice scraper attached to it.

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How to Select an Ice Scraper

It’s always breath-taking to see the snow drops from the sky and everything turns white. The winter season marks the start of the holiday season that everybody loves.

When you stepped out, however, and find your car rooted in the snow and the car windows covered in ice, it can be frustrating to remove the ice off your car.

With the use of an ice scraper or snow brush, the tedious job of getting the snow off your vehicle might become a little tolerable.

How do you choose the best tool in the market? For one, the ice scraper should be able to help you quickly smash the ice into removable pieces.

The ice scraper should also provide a good grip so you don’t suddenly drop it and even with your gloves on, the handle wouldn’t slip.

Choose an ice scraper that is long enough and has a strong and large enough blade to clear the ice off your car in just a few swipes.

Types of Ice Scraper

An ice scraper or snow brush is the perfect tool to clear the ice from your car so you won’t have to spend too much time out in the cold.

Ice scrapers and snow brushes come in different sizes, length, blade strength, grip and ease of work. But all serves the same purpose – to remove the snow and ice on your car.

The basic models of an ice scraper come with a simple design – a strong handle and a blade. These types usually have short handles.

The modern models have wider blades and foam handles. Just like the basic models, most of these ice scrapers have shorter handles. Most of them come with gloves though.

There are also models with brush. These types of ice scraper have long handles and come with a built-in brush that can be used to brush the ice away after scraping it.

There are also ice scrapers with extenders which mean that the handles can extend so you don’t have to lean for car surfaces that are hard to reach.

How to Use an Ice Scraper

Using a snow brush or ice scraper is not high rocket science. In fact, most of these tools are very convenient to use which makes the job much simpler.

Since the basic models only have a blade and a handle, all a person needs to do is hold the handle and scrape the windows and windshields to clear the frost or ice off the car.

The more expensive models, on the other hand, come with different features like extenders and bendable blade that can make the work more convenient and comfortable.

If your scraper comes with an extender, extend the pole and lock it so you won’t have to go around the car to clean the other side.

For scrapers with a flexible or bendable blade, use it to reach the curved surfaces on your car so you don’t miss any patches of ice.

Use your scraper’s squeegee (if yours comes with one) to completely remove residual ice or any water or debris that snow can easily build up on.

How to Maintain an Ice Scraper

Since winter goes on for three months and happens every year, it pays to know how to properly take care of your tools so you’d be able to use it again.

If you want to sharpen your ice scraper blade, get some sandpaper and attach it to a sanding block. This will help you have a flat surface for even sharpening.

Sharpen the scraper by putting the blade across the sandpaper and rub it from side to side. Maintain the right angle – the front edge of the ice scraper is flat against the sandpaper.

After that, sand the underside of the ice scraper blade. Make sure that you continue repeating this process until the nicks are completely sanded away.

Once you were able to restore the sharp edge, smooth the blade off with the sandpaper. Your task is done once you feel that the blade is sharp and smooth.

With proper maintenance, you don’t have to chuck your ice scrapers and be tempted to buy a new one every time the blade loses its sharpness.

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