Best Halogen Headlight Bulbs

Night drivers appreciate the light that their built-in vehicle headlights provide. However, it’s best for these drivers to have additional lighting to satisfy their car lighting needs. The best halogen headlight bulbs can give that much-needed light boost for any car.

Drivers who aren’t keen on replacing their car lights with LED ones will find halogen headlight bulbs an ample alternative. Good halogen bulbs give off noticeable yellowish light, which is bright and long-lasting, enough to light up a dark road.

Halogen Headlight Bulbs Reviews

SYLVANIA 9007 XtraVision Halogen Headlight Bulb


Sylvania 9007 XtraVision Halogen Headlight Bulb has an increased down road visibility. It is durable and works perfectly for vehicles because it has no added glare.

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Philips H11


Philips H11 has an original quality seal for the most dependable lighting performance. It works perfectly and provides bright light every time. Moreover, it only weighs 0.3 oz.

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H13 SilverStar


H13 Silverstar by Sylvania gives users a brighter headlight. In addition, it has a whiter light designed for additional clarity. It provides safety, especially on dim roads too.

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Philips H7 Vision Upgrade Headlight Bulb


Philips H7 Vision Upgrade provides 30% more light on the road. It also provides longer light beam projection. More importantly, it gives safety and comfort while driving.

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Night Tech


Night Tech by Piaa gives whiter color for a better lighting at night. It has a longer life and has a dual band coating that increases beam distance.

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HELLA H1 Halogen Bulb


Hella H1 Halogen Bulb by HELLA has a long life and works great in everyday driving. The product has been tested using highly advanced light measuring equipment to ensure its quality.

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S & D H11 Car Headlight Lamp Halogen Light


S & D H11 Car Headlight Lamp Halogen Light has a high quality UV-Quartz glass, which makes it moisture and shatter-resistant. It has 20% whiter light which gives users the comfort and safety they need.

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Philips H9 Standard Halogen Headlight Bulb


Philips H9 Standard Halogen Headlight Bulb is made through high quality equipment, which makes the light an excellent choice as a headlight. It provides bright light that every driver needs.

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HaloPro High Performance Bulb


HaloPro High Performance Bulb works great for Toyota, Dodge and Honda. It is easy to install. Moreover, it provides better brightness and visibility with 2000 hours life expectancy.

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Arctic Hyper Yellow


Arctic Hyper Yellow by Nokya is perfect for low beam, high beam and fog light replacement. It is made from high quality equipment to provide the best lighting performance in driving.

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Types of Halogen Light Bulbs

There are four types of halogen light bulbs, based on their colour temperature:

  • White– This is the standard colour temperature. It’s six times brighter than a sealed beam light. It is also the cheapest type of halogen light bulb.
  • Whiter – These are the second choice for the cheapest bulbs. They provide better lateral visibility for your safety, especially at night.
  • Blue – These are bulbs are moderately priced. They have a distinctively modern look and provide plenty of visibility.
  • Whitest – Also comes moderately priced, this type of light bulb provides better down-road visibility. This allows for maximum light visibility where it matters the most.

Colour temperature is one of the important factors affecting your lights’ visibility. White is best if you want the most affordable choice, but the whitest is ideal if you want the best visibility level.

Advantages of Having a Halogen Light Bulb 

Because of its simplicity and cost-effectiveness, halogen light bulbs are the most commonly used bulbs in consumer cars. Here are some of the other reasons:

Brightness – Halogen light bulbs are among the brightest headlight choices for your car.

Long-lasting – A halogen light bulb will last for about 1,000 hours on average. This means you won’t have to go around replacing it too often.

Comes in different sizes – This allows halogen light bulbs to be used in many different kinds of cars, meaning it’s very likely there’s a size out there that is compatible with your car.

Dimmable – Dimmable bulbs save power and use energy more efficiently. This also contributes to the longevity of the light bulb.

Those are only a few of the reasons that you should consider buying a halogen light bulb for your car. 

Frequently Asked Questions about Halogen Light Bulbs

Light bulbs may seem relatively simple, but there are a few complexities you should know about to improve your understanding of halogen light bulbs. Here are some commonly asked questions about the bulbs, provided with answers. 

What are halogen headlights/bulbs?Halogen bulbs are an advanced form of the incandescent lamp, with a filament made of tungsten and glass made to be tougher in order to withstand the high-pressure halogen gas inside. 

Why are halogen lights so bright?The tungsten filaments can reach higher temperatures because of the halogen gas inside the bulb. The gas also prevents blackening and thinning, producing a brighter, longer-lasting light. 

Is it hard to change truck or car headlights?Not at all— it should be easy enough even for beginners to do. Many models simply plug into the car. 

What should I consider in buying a bulb?The factors to consider are your preferred brightness, colour temperature, and price. The brightness and colour temperature will determine the visibility of your halogen bulb.

Knowing more about what you’re buying will help you in choosing the right model for you. It’s also handy to know about the technicalities of the product— it may come in handy in tinkering with your car. 

Safety Tips When Using a Halogen Light Bulb

To ensure your safety, there are some guidelines you should follow in handling and using halogen light bulbs. Here are the main things you should remember:

  • Do not touch the bulbs directly, especially while they are on.Halogen light bulbs can get very hot, so be careful when handling them or the things near them. 
  • If you do need to handle them, wear thick gloves. The oils from your skin can actually cause the halogen bulbs to rupture due to increasing temperatures. 
  • Plug in the bulb securely into the bulb socket. Make sure to do this as it will prevent the shortening of bulb life, malfunctions, overheating, and electrical arching. 
  • Keep flammable materials away from the bulb. Even if the bulb has been turned off, always keep things like papers, cloth, and other flammable materials within a safe distance from it. 

Check the instruction manual for more precautions. The precautions stated above are the most important ones you need to know to prevent accidents as well as keep your light bulbs working in top condition.

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