Best Floor Mats (For Cars)

Protecting a car’s interior flooring is important. When mud and dust come in contact with car floorings, damage is possible. This is why the best floor mats for cars are essential in keeping it clean and protected.

Good car floor mats are durable enough to withstand different environmental conditions. They fit the car floors snugly, ensuring good coverage. Mats should have properties that keep water and other fluids away from the passenger’s feet.

Floor Mats (For Cars) Reviews

WeatherTech Custom Floor Liner


This customized floor mat can cover the whole car interior efficiently. It traps fluid spills, so you can easily clean it. It is made of a strong material, thereby ensuring its durability.

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MINI Cooper Trunk Mat


This trunk mat is highly durable. It is made of good quality rubber material. It is available with an ‘S’ Cooper design or MINI logo.

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3D MAXpider Floor Mat


This floor mat features a 3-layer structure, which helps ensure durability and safety. It has 3D features that perfectly fit the contours of your car.

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BMW Carpet Floor Mat


This carpet floor mat can offer protection to your car flooring. It perfectly fits with your car interiors. It fits to any E53 X5 series car models from 1999 to 2006.

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Genuine Honda Trunk Tray


This trunk tray provides additional protection to your car’s original interiors. It has a rugged design, preventing things in your car from sliding. It is made of molded plastic, making it easy to clean.

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Acura TSX Floor Mat


This floor mat is made of long lasting thermoplastic. It has a rigged design that traps water, dust, mud and dirt. It is best when used with its matching trunk tray (sold separately).

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Genuine Acura Floor Mat


This floor mat is perfect for all seasons. It is guaranteed to be made of high quality materials. It protects your car floor from wear and tear.

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Genuine Volkswagen Monster Mats


This floor mat is perfect for any weather. It has the Touareg logo. It stays in place and protects your vehicle from slush, snow, sand, water, dirt and dust.

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Heavy Duty Runner Floor Mat


This floor mat set includes 2 front mats and 2 rear runner mats. It is available in three colors. You can trim it so it can perfectly fit the interiors of your vehicle.

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3D MAXpider All-weather Floor Mat


This complete floor mat set is made of non-toxic and odorless material. It also has a foam feature, which helps prevent foot fatigue due to long driving.

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Floor mats are generally included upon purchase of a vehicle.They are also available in the market as an accessory which comes in different types. The following are three common types of vehicle floor mats:

CARPET MATS.    As for replacing car factory mats, carpet mat is a common choice because it provides floor coverage with style and comfort. Most carpet mats are tufted and have a backing material.

Carpet mats are made firm and stable by stitching amongst interims and sewing in tufts. This pile is then sheared according to preferred texture and on its utilization.

RUBBER MATS.   This kind of mat can be smooth or they can be made with gripper and hollows. It is blur, stain, and mold safe.

Rubber mats are usually cheaper and easier to maintain. They are also known for their steadfast durability.They have the ability to withstand higher temperature.

VINYL MATS.      Incompletely comparable with rubber mats considering their value extend. In spite of the fact that it doesn’t have strength as the rubber mats, it is very unaffected with substance ingestion.


Wide range of vehicle floor mats exists due to strong competition and high demand from car owners which are also increasing in number. Below are the things to consider in selecting floor mats:

STYLE AND COMFORT. Carpet mats offer a delicate and warm underfoot feel while rubber and vinyl ridges provide squish to tired feet. Rubber comes in three colors (black, gray, tan).Vinyl and the carpeted ones come in variety of colors.

FLOOR COVERAGE.      There are universal, best possible and custom types of floor mats. Universal floor mats can fit multiple vehicles, best possible may have minor crevices, and custom or tailored mats are designed to fit a particular car.

DURABILITY.      Rubber mats can withstand temperature variations and harsh cleaning process and can easily handle dirt. Carpet mats are susceptible to dirt and can cause this to wear out after sometime.

PRICE RANGE.     Carpet mats are quite expensive compared to rubber and vinyl mats. Vinyl mats are of lesser quality since they are less expensive than rubber mats.

A car owner must choose according to his preferences. It may be based on how the vehicle is used or where or when it will be used.


CARPET MATS.    They are susceptible to dirt and could easily wear out over time. To lengthen its lifespan, one must be very careful when cleaning them.

You can use baking soda to get the stain out using a brush. It also neutralizes odors from various sources. Scrub the mat with a soapy water then wash it off with a clean water and hang to dry.

RUBBER MATS.   Cleaning rubber mats is an easy task.You can just hose down the mat with water without worrying about the pressure applied onto the mat.

You can also use baking soda, soapy water and spray cleaner to deodorize the mat.Other cleaning mixtures especially those with aromatic oil and curing agent may cause bad smell.

Having the knowledge on how to deal with a specific type of mat, be reminded that you must do the following before washing your mat:

Remove the mat from your car so you won’t get water damage in your car’s interior. Vacuum the mat to guarantee that you draw up the greater part of the dirt. 


In case you’re still undecided which type of mat to buy for your cars, take a look at these inquiries with their answers to help you:

Should I prefer to choose rubber floor mats rather than carpet floor mats?Yes. Rubber mats can withstand various temperatures.They are not difficult to clean as well.

Slippage: Is this a problem with rubber floor mats? No, since most of them aremade with grippers that keep them from slipping around and making them remain in their place.

Can I customize my floor mats?  Yes,you cancustomizeyour car floor mats.You will choose a design that you want for embroidered and logo floor mats.

How do you punch a hole in rubber floor mats? You can use any sharp-ended, hard, round, and hollow piece of metal or a puncher that is designed for that. Put a metal ring after so it won’t tear off.

For a car, rubber floor mats vs carpet floor mats?      The best way is to have both so you can use any type according to your need at a specific time frame.

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