Best CB Radio

Truck drivers use several tools to stay connected to their fellow drivers, and one of them is the CB Radio. The best CB radio can help truck drivers share valuable information about roads and routes that they pass through.

Good CB radios are activated with a single button’s push, making it easy to use. They’re also more compact and safer to use even while on the road than a mobile phone.

CB Radio Reviews

29 LTD CHR Chrome Special Edition CB Radio


The 29 LTD CHR Chrome Special Edition CB Radio by Cobra has 40CB radio channels. Its front microphone connector lets you install the mike under dash or in dash. The SWR Calibration lets you know if the antenna requires adjustment.

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Ranger SRA-198 Ranger Cb Ham Radio Noise Canceling Mic


The SRA-198 Ranger Cb Ham Radio Noise Canceling Mic by Ranger has an active noise filter, which blocks any disturbing or unwanted surrounding sounds. It also works reasonably in a quieter environment. It also feels good in your hand.

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Yaesu FT-2900R 75 Watt Amateur Ham Radio


The FT-2900R 75 Watt Amateur Ham Radio by Yaesu is a mobile two-meter radio. Its lighted microphone has dcs & ctcss, direct entry keypad, and search & scan modes. It has a power cord, mounting bracket, and microphone.

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Cobra 75WXST 40-Channel CB Radio


The 75WXST 40-Channel CB Radio by Cobra has a remote-mount design and features 10 NOAA weather channels. You also have instant access to channels 19 and 9. You can use it in vehicles with limited space.

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Uniden Bearcat 680 CB Radio


The Bearcat 680 CB Radio by Uniden offers you a wide range, strong transmission and clear reception. It has an easy-to-read and large display. Its microphone blocks out background noise. It’s also compatible with a wireless mic.

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Uniden 40-Channel CB Radio (PRO505XL)


The 40-Channel CB Radio (PRO505XL) by Uniden has a channel 9 function, which lets you set the radio to channel 9/emergency. Its internal speaker jack allows you to experience better sound. It has squelch control, volume control and channel select.

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Luiton LT-898UV Dual Band 2-Way Mobile Radio


The LT-898UV Dual Band 2-Way Mobile Radio by Luiton is multi-functional and allows you to meet your UHF/VHF band communication requirements. It has intuitive user controls and an ergonomic design. It also has a theft alarm.

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Midland 1001Z 40-Channel CB Radio


The 1001Z 40-Channel CB Radio by Midland has a 4-watt output, giving you maximum communication range. It can also be a public address system if paired with a speaker. You can use it on RVs, trucks and cars.

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Galaxy~ Dx-29hp


The Dx-29hp by Galaxy features a variable dimmer, a 2-position switch for power output, and talkback. It features a blue LED light for meter and channel. It has a microphone, mounting bracket, mic clip, power cord, and side-mount screws.

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Uniden PC78XL 40 Channel CB Radio


The PC78XL 40 Channel CB Radio by Uniden is two-way and has immediate access to channel 9. Its squelch control produces an audible and clear signal on every channel. Its microphone is positioned in front for easy access.

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What to Look for in the Best CB Radio

Sound quality – The best CB radios are those that give top sound quality. Voices and sound should be crisp and clear with reduced white noise.

Power – The maximum output of power transmission for all CB radio types is 4 watts. Some types allow for transmission power increase based on antenna size and quality.

Squelch control – Sound is heard from the CB radio only when transmission is received. This eliminates having to listen to constant static in between transmissions.

Automatic noise limited – This feature improves reception and sound quality. It works by filtering out noise interference such as static, traffic noise and engine noise.

RF gain – This feature eliminates transmissions from weak signals. Transmissions are automatically filtered based on strength of transmission signal. This reduces the need to browse through inaudible transmissions.  

Instant channels – This feature allows for quick access to popular channels. This is helpful in instances when rapid access to highway and emergency channels is necessary.

Advantages of Using CB Radio

Cost effective – This is a reliable yet cost effective communication method. Cost is only on initial purchase. There is no cost for every call/transmission made.

Information on road conditions – CB radios are great ways to receive and pass on updated information on road conditions such as traffic jams, accidents and roadblocks.

Obtaining road directions – Use CB radios to get accurate directions when driving in unfamiliar areas. This is easier and allows you to save more time than reading maps or driving in circles.

Road safety – It is easy to lose focus or even fall asleep on the wheel. Listening to chatter over CB radios can help keep you awake and alert.

Road entertainment – Driving alone for long distances is less lonely because the driver can listen in or even participate in conversations with other CB users.

Access to emergency help – Getting help when caught in an accident or road problems in the middle of nowhere is easier through emergency stations and highway frequencies.

Tips to Using a CB Radio

Mount the device. Find an unobtrusive place to set your CB radio. In a vehicle, placing the CB radio under the driver’s seat is common practice.

Explore available channels. There are about 40 different stations available on CB radio. Start tuning to popular channels like 19. Channel 6 is often monopolized by illegal stations.

Look out for common CB codes. Pick out codes like 10-1 (poor reception), 10-7 (out of service), 10-4 (message received), 10-9 (repeat message) and 10-20 (give your location).

Make a radio check. After choosing a channel, listen to chatter and wait for a break. Politely ask for radio check then wait for any reply before joining any conversation.

Avoid using crowded stations. If looking for small talk, choose a less busy station. Avoid using busy ones, especially those dedicated for emergency and critical monitoring.

Use channel 9 for emergencies. This is a dedicated station for emergencies. Messages through this channel are immediately forwarded to rescue services, police and highway patrol.

Tips to Proper Communicating Over CB Radio

Keep channels clear. Avoid clogging up any channel, especially channel 9 to allow important messages to get broadcasted easier, especially during times of disasters or emergencies.

Use less busy channels. If you want to talk to anyone for an extended period, shift to a lesser used channel. This way, you won’t get in the way of each other’s conversations.

Be polite. Always issue a radio check and wait patiently for response before joining any ongoing conversation. Re-issue radio check if you don’t get any  response from the first one.

Avoid offensive language. Do not use foul language or swear over the radio. Remember, other users can hear it and may get offended by it.

State channel number. You can start a conversation over the CB radio but you have to ask for permission first. Then, clearly state the channel number.

Avoid talking over other’s transmissions. Wait patiently for the other person to finish transmission before making your own. Speaking over other’s transmissions is frowned upon.

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