Best Cassette Adapter

Vehicles with old cassette decks are likely unable to play music from modern electronic sources. For this reason, the best cassette adapter is needed to connect music from new auxiliary sources to the car’s existing audio systems.

Ideal auxiliary cassette adapters typically consist of an integrated auxiliary cord to accommodate CD players and MP3 players. The cords must be durable enough to last for a long time, and the adapter should emit minimal noise for a better audio music experience.

Cassette Adapter Reviews

MWIN Retro Car Cassette Adapter


This car cassette adapter allows you to listen to your favorite music while on the road. It has a 3.5 mm jack, making it compatible with iPods, mobile phones and mp3 players.

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Gezan Car Cassette Adapter


This car cassette adapter is easy to use. You just need to pop it into your car’s cassette deck to play music from your iPhone, iPod or iPad. It is easy to store and lightweight.

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Q-daily Vintage Cassette Car Adapter


This durable car adapter is made of high quality material. It is lightweight and pocket-sized, making it easy to carry. It is compatible with your mobile phone, iPod or iPad.

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Aonokoy Car Cassette Adapter


This retro-inspired car adapter lets you play digital music using your car’s cassette deck. It also has a special feature that enhances the sound from your audio device.

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Everydaysource Car Cassette Adapter Set


This car cassette adapter set includes a car cassette and charger adapter. It is compatible with iPads, iPhones and iPods. It features a patented design, which ensures safety of use for your gadgets.

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Insten Car Cassette Adapter


This car connecting pack allows you to play music from your gadgets. It also has a special mechanism that enhances music quality. It includes a 40” cord, allowing you to place your gadget in a safe spot in your car.

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Coolstuff4u Car Cassette Adapter


This lightweight car cassette adapter allows you to play music from any music device. It is compatible with CD players, mp3 players and other modern gadgets.

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Monster iCarPlay Cassette Adapter


This car cassette adapter works with any music device. It is compatible with Android phones, Apple devices, mp3 players or Windows devices. It also has a noise reduction feature, which enhances sound quality.

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Walkman Car Connecting Pack


This car connecting pack is perfect for just about any music device. It is compatible with a side loading cassette deck. It has a silent mechanism, which can improve sound quality.

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Insten Cassette Deck Adapter for 3.5 mm Jack


This car cassette tape adapter allows you to play music for quick and long drives. It has a 3.5 mm jack, which lets you play music from your CD or mp3 player.

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For car owners that have older cassette decks, a cassette adapter is a great option for playing media files. There are also cases that even if there is a built in CD player, a cassette adapter is still preferred.

A wired cassette adapter looks like a traditional cassette tape.It has a writing tape head that is single-sided.It is connected to a 3.5mm corded jack. The cord is attached to the output port of your device.

There are also cassette adapters that work in both directions since they have double-sided heads.They are unlike those that use single sided head which works only in one direction.

Modern cassette adapters features Bluetooth which make the cassette player as a Bluetooth receiver. It does not have a 3.5mm jack and it requires your device (audio/media player) to have Bluetooth in order to transmit and play files.

This kind of reader may have an auto on/off feature and built in microphone. One drawback is that it may get disconnected when the reader is inside the cassette deck.

Sound quality depends on its brand along with your audio player and the file being played. Lifespan and style may differ according to its brand, knowing that they can be bought even at drugstores, online shops and electronics stores. 


Playing your favorite music from your phone in a car without auxiliary input ports can now be possible with a cassette adapter. Knowing how to use it will surely help.

You must have a car with a cassette deck, a cassette reader of your choice, a portable media player and files to be played. You have to follow these simple steps according to the type of adapter you have:

For cassette readers with cord, simply insert the adapter onto the cassette deck and connect the jack to your portable player. Once connected, you can now freely choose your soundtrack and play it right away.

As for Bluetooth cassette adapter, after inserting the adapter onto the deck, you will search for the adapter in your device and simply pair with the two devices and play.

You can also make hands-free phone calls using your car speaker with this device as some of them have built in microphones. They can also come with built-in rechargeable battery.

Their operation process is almost the same except that one is wired and the other is wireless.Bluetooth adapters may have additional features that the wired ones don’t have. 


A typical cassette adapter looks like a traditional cassette tape though it has a transmitting head instead of reels inside. The tape is normally read by the reading head at the transmitter head.

The input cord connects the audio source and the head. The music file for an instance is the electrical signal from your device which is transferred onto the adapter’s head where it will be converted to a mechanical signal.

The tape deck’s reading head then converts it back to electrical signal. This signal will be amplified by the car’s sound system, specifically the speakers.

Bluetooth cassette adapters works almost the same as typical adapters. On the contrary, it does not utilizes a cord to transfer electrical signals onto the head.

Cassette adapter sounds like a cassette as expected and yield results without any static or interference compared to FM adapters. The downside is that it involves wires running from your deck which does not look so pretty.

Bluetooth cassette adapters may have higher price than the typical one. Both types are still considered to be the cheapest way to enjoy music on your cassette deck.


In case you’re still confused what a cassette adapter is and how it functions, take a look at these inquiries with their corresponding answers for some clarifications:

Can you put music onto this cassette?        No. It works much like an aux cord in which it must be plugged into a music source like your phone. 

How to stop cassette adapter from ejecting?     Pull out the ejected adapter from the deck and reinsert with different orientation or angle. You may also try cleaning the tape deck, as dirt on heads may cause malfunctions. 

How do I pair my Bluetooth device with the cassette adapter Bluetooth?   You may or may not have to activate the PLAY button of the cassette adapter once you have it inserted in the tape deck. 

What to do if my device will not pair with the Bluetooth cassette adapter in my tape deck? Power cycle the cassette adapter – OFF then ON – to enter pairing mode. You can also remove and re-insert. 

How many hours is the battery life? Usually, it should stay up to 6 hours. To maximize battery life, you must always switch off the device when not in use.

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