Best Car Ramps

Common car projects require car owners and mechanics to lift their vehicles a bit higher off the ground. The most adequate tool to use for this purpose is the best car ramp.

Car ramps elevate vehicles from the ground so that mechanics can properly work underneath the vehicle. That being said, a good car ramp must be capable of gripping the car firmly to keep safety in check.

Car Ramps Reviews



RhinoRamps by RhinoGear are sturdy and durable automotive ramps that give users convenient access to the underside of the vehicle. Its capacity is about 12,000 pounds.

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Race Ramps RR-40 40″


RR-40 Ramp by Race Ramps is easy to maneuver and won’t scratch floors. It is durable and fits most sport cars.

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RhinoRamps MAX Vehicle Ramp


RhinoRamps MAX by RhinoGear has a capacity of 16000 pound gross vehicle weight. It has a 17 degree incline, which gives ease of use for low clearance vehicles.

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Race Ramps RR-56 56


Race Ramps RR-55 56” is lightweight and has a solid core design. It is great for delicate jobs for low clearance vehicles.

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Race Ramps RR-XT-2


RR-XT-2 by Race Ramps has a measure of 67” and a 10.75 degree for low clearance vehicle. It is perfect for car detailing, oil changing and car maintenance.

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20031 Curb Ramp


20031 Curb Ramp by Maxsa Innovations is perfect for users who want to get over a curb. It has a capacity of 10,000 pounds and is made from durable materials, making it last longer.

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Rage Powersports 6009-V2


Rage Powersports 6009-V2 has a capacity of 4,400 pounds with a 9.05 degree angle. It is perfect for working on regular or seasonal vehicle maintenance due to its durability.

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Solid Steel Auto Ramp Set


Solid Steel Auto Ramp Set by Nicky Nice has a capacity of 6,500 lbs. It is durable and safe to use.

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Super Slopes


Super Slopes by Tomioka Racing is made of sturdy plastic material that has a capacity of 10 pounds. It is easy to store and is perfect for every low clearance vehicle.

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Rage Powersports ML-1066


Rage Powersports ML-1066 is perfect for its durability. It has a 3,000 lb. capacity and raised side rails that help wheels stay on track.

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How a Car Ramp Works

When it comes to lifting a car, a floor jack usually does the trick, but this can be really challenging. You can make the process much easier with the use of another mechanical tool: a car ramp.

It can save you from the trouble of lugging jack stands and jacks around. The car ramp along with chocks can accompany you for every car repair.

Another instance you use a car ramp is when you raise the front of your car without worrying about dragging a floor jack. It speeds up the process as there is no need to use a floor jack for the process.

Ramps are also useful for loading your vehicle onto a platform or into a trailer. When using a car ramp, be sure to follow safety protocols.

Car ramps do not have to use jack stands because they do not have moving parts, but this does not necessarily mean you will no longer have to be careful.

While car ramps may be simplistic in nature, its load capacity must be verified to ensure that it can support your vehicle’s weight. Wheel chocks and car ramps also work hand in hand so be sure to secure them.

How to Select a Car Ramp

  • Know the ground clearance of your car. While most ramps work on most cars, there are cars that are particularly low such as race cars, sports car and exotic cars.

These cars require ramps with lower and longer profile. It is necessary to know your options first before you decide to buy a car ramp.

  • Consider the weight of your car. Be sure that you choose a ramp that is capable of supporting the weight of your car.

You have to keep in mind that no two ramps are created equal. If your car is heavier than most cars, you have to pay attention to the ramp’s capacities.

  • Focus on quality. Safety is the very first thing you need to ensure when selecting a car ramp. Never commit to buying a ramp just because it is cheap.

Go for quality so you will have peace of mind when using the ramp. The ramp should have the ability to provide you sufficient safety margin. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Car Ramps

You may have some questions about using the ramp and it is understandable especially if you are a first-time buyer. Here are the answers to some of the most common questions.

  • Do I need to allow extra capacity in the ramps for safety purposes?

No. Most ramps follow safety standards to ensure that the vehicle is built in the required safety margin. You should choose a ramp manufactured and engineered to an appropriate safety standard.

  • Are ramps durable?

Car ramps last long if it is made of high quality materials such as steel and aluminium. It is also interesting to note that it should be used sensibly.

  • How do I secure the ramps to my vehicle?

The manual provides safety measures to follow to ensure secure connection  options tailored to the needs of your vehicle. You can also go directly to the  manufacturer’s website to gain access to the user guides and user manuals.

  • Do car ramps have warranty?

Most ramps you purchase on the market come with a warranty. It is   important that you read the terms before you commit to buying the item.

  • Should I choose ramps suitable for my vehicle?

Ramps are not created equal so you need to take the weight of your vehicle into consideration before purchasing a car ramp so you can make   the most use of your ramp.

Advantages of Having Car Ramps

  • They provide convenience and reliable access to the surface under your car so you can guarantee stability for sufficient storage space. This enables you to load your car into a trailer without worries.
  • They ensures even weight distribution so you can move your car securely both on and off the ramps. Your car will also be prevented from sliding even on wet surface.
  • They serve as a pre-lift option when sliding a hydraulic jack for maintaining or repairing your vehicle or for simply moving your car for seasonal storage.
  • With car ramps, you can do repairs on your vehicles without using a jack as it can lift your car while also ensuring safety. The ramps also come in various capacities so all car types are accommodated.
  • It takes less time to drive your vehicle up on a ramp than it would using jack stands or floor jacks. Car ramps do not have any movable parts which save you from using additional mechanical tool.
  • You can easily transport or display the cars at shows or meets as you are no longer required to use jacks for loading the car.

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