Best Car Phone Mount

Car safety 101 says don’t drive and use your phone at the same time. But what if you need the GPS to navigate the unfamiliar streets of a new city? If you have the best car phone mount on your dash,and you can use your phone without risking a driving accident.

The mount will either stick to the back of your phone, or clamp it firmly in place on the dashboard. You can then use your smartphone’s voice-command features to search traffic routes, play music, etc.

Car Phone Mount Reviews

iOttie Easy One Touch 2


The iOttie Easy One Touch easily locks and releases your phone with just one click. Its sticky features secure your phone while driving, giving you comfort and ease. It can support phones up to 3.2 inches wide.

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Wuteku UltraSlim Magnetic Cell Phone Holder


The Wuteku UltraSlim Magnetic Cellphone Holder works perfectly for every phone. Its strong magnet secures your phone assuring your safety while driving. It is quick and easy to assemble with no mess at all.

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WizGear Magnetic Air Vent Mount


The WizGear Magnetic Air Vent Mount is a perfect phone holder for any type of phone or tablet. Its strong magnet keeps your phone securely placed in your vent without worrying that it may fall or block your view.

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Kenu Airframe+ Car Mount


The Kenu Airframe+ is a secured way to hold any phone up to 3.4” wide. It works well with any type of vent through its rotating clip. It is lightweight that you can bring it outdoors.

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2-in-1 Mobile Phone Car Mount


The Universal 2-in-1 Mobile Car Mount by Easy-Tech allows you to choose whether you’ll place your phone on your vent or on your windshield. It can securely grip all phones and GPS devices with up to 4.3” wide.

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Koomus CD-Air Car Mount


The CD-Air Car Mount by Koomus is a sturdy car mount that can be easily assembled onto the CD player in your car. It keeps your vision unblocked and certainly secures almost all types of phone.

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Steelie Car Phone Mount Kit


The Steelie Car Phone Mount Kit by Nite Ize is a complete kit that has everything you need for a non-messy and secure phone holder. It is made up of high quality materials that will hold any phone firmly.

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MagicMount Magnetic Dash Mount


The MagicMount Magnetic Dash Mount by Scosche has a sturdy magnet that secures your phone. It can easily mount both on the dashboard and on your phone.

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Portable Friction Mount


The Portable Friction Mount by Garmin is perfect for driving at all speeds. You’ll never worry about dropping your phone. You can also easily put it on the floor in case you leave your car.

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Mpow CD Slot Car Mount


The Mpow CD Slot Car Mount allows you to secure your device in your CD slot tightly, but lets you use it with ease. It is compatible with devices with up to 3.9” wide.

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Types of Car Phone Mounts

Car phone mounts are classified into two main types namely the active and the passive type. Each type is further classified according to how it is mounted, either fixed with a static bracket or with a tilted rotating base.

Active– An active car phone mount has a built-in car charger. This device requires electricity and can charge your smart phone when it is mounted.

Usually, active car phone mounts are bigger and more expensive. Ideally, the active car mount is considered as the best car phone mount because of its special feature. 

Passive– A passive car phone mount simply just holds your phone into place and doesn’t provide battery to your phone. However, you may still use your car chargers and audio cables when mounting your phone.

Fixed w/ Static Bracket – Car phone mounts with a fixed static bracket usually restricts movement and will just simply hold your phone in place. 

Tilted w/ Rotating Base – Ideally, this type is more widely used since it is more accessible and easier to use while on the road. They are also generally more expensive than the fixed type.

How to Select a Car Phone Mount?

Choosing the best car phone mount can be a challenge especially if they come in all shapes and sizes. Here are the factors that you should consider when purchasing a car phone mount:

Size– Make sure that you get the best car phone mount that has a universal size, not too big or not too small so different types of phones and their cases can fit.

Design – Consider buying a car phone mount that matches the interiors of your car. Furthermore, also ensure that your car mount does not cover the side buttons and ports of your smart phone.

Special Features –The best car phone mount has the ability to increase the amplification and quality of voice calls. Others have a dedicated GPS system installed into it, which is more reliable and accurate than the smart phone GPS.

Material – Always consider the durability of the material when buying a car phone mount. Generally, car phone mounts made of plastic are cheaper but are less durable compared to those made up of metal.

Type– Depending on the type of phone user, you have to consider the type of car mount to purchase. Heavy users ideally need an active car phone mount in order not to frequently run out of battery.

Frequently Asked Questions about Car Phone Mounts

With the recent technological advancements in our world today, using our phones is a necessity even while driving. This makes car phone mounts vital for every car. Here are some common questions users have about this product:

Is it wise to use a magnetic car mount to hold my smart phone in place? Magnets being used in car mounts will have no impact on smart phones since their size is very small. 

Do active cell phone car mounts drain my car’s battery over time? It has a blue light on it that shines. LED lights consume very little battery and will not create a big impact on your battery.

How does the car phone mount attach to your dashboard? The car phone mount is very easy to install. Car phone mounts have an adhesive patch/suction mount that you can attach to your dashboard.

Should I get an adhesive or suction type car mount? This will depend on the surface of your dashboard. Consider getting a suction type if your dashboard is textured since an adhesive type might get removed easily.

Will extreme heat melt my plastic car mount? If you prefer getting a plastic car mount, ensure that it is made of high quality plastic that can withstand extreme temperatures. Otherwise, consider getting a metal one.

Reasons to Have a Car Phone Mount

Car phone mounts not only make driving less hassle but also increases the security while driving. The following are some of the reasons why you should get the best car phone mount:

Safety while on the road – More often than not, accidents are caused by drivers who use their phones with their hands while driving. With the car mount, the driver can take calls hands-free.

Improved sound quality – Not only does a car phone mount make your trip safer, it can also improve the audio quality being produced, making calls more audible.

Can charge your device – For active car phone mount users, there is no need to connect your charging cord since the mount can automatically charge your device.

Play movies or music for passengers – There is no more need to install a car TV since the smart phone already does the job of providing entertainment to passengers.

Map navigation– There is no need to purchase a separate GPS system for your car since several apps in your smart phone can already do the job.

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