Best Bluetooth Car Adapter

Do you enjoy listening to music as when driving? Does your work require you to entertain calls any time of the day—even when you’re behind the wheel? If it’s yes to both, then you need to have the best Bluetooth car adapter.

Different models offer different sets of features, but most now offer a built-in charger, aptX connectivity for better audio quality, and hands-free protocol with a microphone for better phone call reception.

Bluetooth Car Adapter Reviews

BTC450 Bluetooth Hands-Free Car Kit


The BTC450 Bluetooth Hands-Free Car Kit by Kinivo is a perfect partner for cars. It allows you to answer calls and play music as you drive without hassle using its built-in microphone and music controls.

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GOgroove FlexSMART X2


The GOgroove FlexSMART X2 by Accessory Power has Multipoint Bluetooth Connectivity which allows you to pair 2 devices at the same time. Sending or receiving calls and streaming music have never been this easy.

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CoolStream Duo


The Coolstream Duo works great with all Bluetooth enabled devices and especially with your Bose SoundDock or your car stereo. You’ll definitely enjoy playing music using Coolstream Duo that can last up to 5 hours.

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Belkin Hands-Free Bluetooth Car Audio


The Belkins Hands-Free Bluetooth Car Audio works smoothly with all smartphones. It has clear audio with echo-cancelling microphone that can be easily plugged in to your car stereo.

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Nulaxy Wireless In-Car Bluetooth


The Nulaxy Wireless In-Car Bluetooth uses AUX cable input and FM transmitter. It has an LCD display which allows you to see incoming calls. It also has noise cancellation technology and works well with all Bluetooth enabled devices.

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iClever Wireless FM Transmitter


The iClever Wireless FM Transmitter is portable, easy to use and high quality. You can play your music and receive calls while your phone is charging.

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Wireless Audio Adapter


The Wireless Audio Adapter by Esinkin works simply and effectively with every tablet and smartphone. You can control your music even when you’re 15 meters away from your car.

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Bovee 1000 


The Bovee 1000 is a wireless Bluetooth music interface adapter that is compatible with any car that has iPod integration. It works well with all Apple devices through automatic connection.

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The SOAIY S-32 is a hands-free Bluetooth system that automatically turns on and off and can be activated using voice commands. It works seamlessly with any Bluetooth enabled mobile device.

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Bluetooth FM Transmitter


The Bluetooth FM Transmitter by LDesign plays songs on your mobile phone smoothly and allows you to answer calls. It also works great with cars without AUX port. It can charge your phone safely and quickly.

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Types of Bluetooth Car Adapter

Bluetooth FM Transmitters – Rather than having an internal speaker, bluetooth FM transmitters depend on FM signals for amplification.  As the phone connects to the adapter through bluetooth, the audio transforms into an FM signal.

FM transmitters usually produce good volume quality; however it still relies on the capability of your car’s speaker. Ideally, FM transmitters do not need to be recharged and are cheaper compared to auxiliary adapters.

On the other hand, the FM transmitter’s downside is its reliability, especially in places where FM signals are everywhere. Usually, there is a lot of static. They also do not have noise cancellation, which can highly affect the audio quality.

Bluetooth Auxiliary Adapters- Auxiliary adapters are plugged through auxiliary ports. Similar to that of the FM transmitter, auxiliary adapters also depend on your car stereo’s capability.

It is often more expensive than the FM transmitter but it is considerably more reliable and produces higher sound quality due to less background noise.

However, this type may be incompatible with cars that do not have an auxiliary input in the front. The best bluetooth car adapter is usually of this type. 

Frequently Asked Questions about Bluetooth Car Adapters

Due to the recent technological advancements, it is now possible and safer to use your phone while on the road with the help of the bluetooth car adapter. Here are some common questions that users often have regarding this product: 

What is so special about bluetooth car adapters? A bluetooth car adapter makes driving hassle-free and more secure. One can take calls hands-free and avoid the distraction of having to reach to your phone to answer a call while driving.

What applications can I use to maximize my bluetooth car adapter? You can download music-streaming apps so you won’t have to rely on your car radio for music. GPS applications may also be downloaded to help with map navigation.

How do you connect your bluetooth to a car? Turn on your smart phone’s and car adapter’s bluetooth and make both visible to all nearby devices. Once the smart phone/car adapter is found, pair them with each other.

Is it necessary to use the bluetooth adapter all the time? No, the bluetooth car adapter may be switched off when not needed or not in use.

Does the sound quality change when playing music through bluetooth? Playing your track through a bluetooth car adapter does not affect the sound quality. The music track’s quality and bit rate will determine the audio quality.

How to Select the Best Bluetooth Car Adapter

Choosing the best bluetooth car adapter can be a challenge given the variety of products available. The perfect bluetooth car adapter may depend on the type of user. Hence, the following factors should be considered prior to buying one:

Type – FM transmitters depend on FM signals and may produce audio with static. Auxiliary adapters, on the other hand, produce less static but may have issues with compatibility especially if your car does not have a frontal auxiliary input.

Bluetooth Version – All bluetooth versions are ideally compatible with one another. However, older versions might have fewer features and are slower. Getting the latest version is recommended for better functionality and speed.

Device Compatibility – Before purchasing a bluetooth car adapter, read your cell phone manual and make sure that the device is compatible with both your car stereo and smart phone device.

Operation Time – Consider a bluetooth car adapter with high operating time so you don’t have to frequently charge your adapter. Typically, the best bluetooth car adapters last around 8 hours.

Special Features –Bluetooth car adapters offer different special features. Some features include noise reduction, energy saver and ability to have multiple connections. Generally, the latest ones have more features but are also more expensive.

Advantages of Having a Bluetooth Car Adapter

Hands-free – After pairing your smart device with your car’s stereo system, your car speaker and microphone can already be used as audio output and input. This means you can use playlists in your smart phone and take calls while driving.

Text messages –Bluetooth car adapters make hands-free texting possible since you can have the option to have incoming messages be read on speaker while driving.

Easy to use– Bluetooth system does not need messy wires and cables and is automatic. There is no need to connect the two devices manually as long as both devices are in range.

Widely used – Although bluetooth versions may differ per device, almost every phone in the market supports bluetooth. Hence, there is no problem in searching for compatible devices.

Audio streaming – There is no need to use your FM radio all the time. You can stream music from the internet and play it straight from your smart phone applications.

GPS navigation– Getting to unfamiliar places is more convenient since you can download navigation apps that can direct you to places through your car speaker.

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