Best Automotive Multimeter

Working on a vehicle’s electrical parts can be tricky. Thankfully, multimeters are here to guide electricians and mechanics in manipulating electrical parts on a car. The best automotive multimeter is a handy tool for car enthusiasts who regularly inspect and check their car’s electric parts.

Good automotive multimeters can identify various engine problems when used for testing wirings, switches and breaker points. The meters have auto shut-off and overloading protection functions. Probes and test leads should be free from damage and should work in tip-top condition.

Automotive Multimeter Reviews

FTLK282 SureGrip Deluxe


FTLk282 SureGrip Deluxe by Fluke includes five automotive back probe pins, silicone test lead set, insulation piercing clip set, SureGrip test probe set, alligator clip set, hook clip set, large jaw alligator clip set, and soft case.

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FTLK281 SureGrip Automotive Test Lead Kit


SureGrip Automotive Test Lead Kit by Fluke has a complete set of measurement and test accessories for automotive specialists. It comes with silicone test leads and a case, too.

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Power Probe III Circuit Tester


Power Probe III Circuit Tester by Power Probe has a complete set of accessories with voltmeter and a built-in banana jack. It is easy to connect, use and works on 12 to 24V.

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FLUKE-116/62 MAX+ Kit


FLUKE-116/62 MAX+ Kit has a large white LED backlight that is perfectly made for poorly lit areas. This kit allows users to accurately read voltage.

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Power Probe Master Test Kit


Power Probe Master Test Kit works well on 12 to 24V sources. It also has a backlit voltmeter that is easy to read. Furthermore, it provides high quality performance.

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Power Probe III ‘Carbon Fiber Edition’ Circuit Tester Kit


Power Probe III ‘Carbon Fiber Edition’ Circuit Tester Kit by Power Probe has a carbon fiber housing. It is simple to use even in poorly lit areas.

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Relay Buddy Pro Test Kit


Relay Buddy Pro Test Kit by Electronic Specialties includes buddy tester, adapters, and blow mold case. It is easy to determine if the cycle is successful or not with its LED light.

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Auto-Ranging Digital Multimeters


Auto-Ranging Digital Multimeter by Crenova has a multimeter overload protection. It has the function of maximum value hold, data hold, backlight and function switching. In addition, it has auto power off feature.

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Lisle Multimeter Accessory Kit


Lisle Multimeter Accessory Kit has interchangeable probes for various testing. It is compatible with most multimeters and has 4mm connectors. It also includes a storage pouch for a more organized kit.

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TMX-589Tech Meter Kit


TMX-589 Tech Meter Kit by ESI has a LoadPro dynamic test leads and a compass for alternator and solenoid diagnostics, giving a more accurate reading.

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How to Select an Automotive Multimeter

Multimeters are a valuable tool in automotive electrical diagnosis and troubleshooting. It can be bought online and in stores.In buying a multimeter, these are a few things you need to consider.

Features – A good multimeter should come with the features that allow you to measure volts AC and DC, resistance in ohms, and frequency hertz. These are the important basics that a good multimeter should be able to measure.

Ease of use – Of course, the best multimeter for you is one with an intuitive interface and controls.

Type –Do you need a professional-grade model or a standard model? Generally, the two differ on how many features they have. If you’re buying your first multimeter, it’s recommended that you buy the standard models as they tend to be cheaper.

Digital vs.Analog – Digital multimeters display straightforward decimals, which are easier to read. Analog multimeters move a bar through a scale of numbers and show changes in volts and current real-time.

You may also want to consider how durable the multimeter is, what batteries you need to keep them running, and the manufacturer you’re buying from.

How to use an Automotive Multimeter

An automotive multimeter has several functions and methods used in troubleshooting and diagnosing the electrical components of your car. Here is a breakdown of the some of the main functions:

  • Measuring voltage – In the DC range, turn the dial so that it’s set to the voltage range you need to measure. The closer the voltage range is to what you’re measuring, the more accurate the reading. 

You can use this procedure to measure the voltage of your car batteries and see if it lacks anything or is at its best performance. 

  • Measuring resistance – This is important for checking components of your car such as the fuses, relays, and sensors. Before checking the resistance, remove the component’s power to protect your multimeter’s batteries.

First, turn your selection dial to ohms, and choose the expected range of the component. You can use this function to check your car’s headlights.

Make sure to read the manual to know about the unique specifications with the model you bought. There is also a more in-depth guide in there on how to use your multimeter.

Tips on Using an Automotive Multimeter

There are so many things to learn about troubleshooting, diagnosing, and using automotive multimeters, so here are some useful tips in using them:

  • If you’re not sure how much you’re measuring, always start at the highest end of the range. This is because if it’s set to a lower range than the units being measured, the multimeter can get damaged.
  • Temperatures are going to affect the accuracy of your readings, so you should consider what temperature it is in the area you do your troubleshooting and diagnosing.
  • You can check for parasitic battery drains and prevent electrical overloads by using the current feature to measure currents. This procedure also involves the process of ranging your meter manually.
  • If your multimeter suddenly stops working, check the fuse and batteries. The fuse may have been blown from unexpected ranges, or the batteries may have died.

These are very basic tips for beginner DIY mechanics. For more in-depth tips and guides, you might want to check the manual as well as YouTube guides.

Advantages of Having an Automotive Multimeter

A multimeter is one of the most useful tools you can have as a car technician, mechanic, or DIY automotive enthusiast. Not only that, but it ensures your safety as well.

Diagnose your car’s problems – By using a multimeter, you can know which electrical component of your car you need to adjust.

Be prepared for long road trips – Being able to diagnose your car’s problems will prevent any unwanted disasters or inconveniences.

Make sure your car is at top performance –You’ll be able to measure every electrical component to see if they’re working at top condition.

Avoid accidents in doing DIY mechanics – An automotive multimeter ensures your safety by letting you know if a certain component has dangerous or unusual levels.

Multipurpose – As its name suggests, it has multiple meters, multiple functions, and multiple features for each model making it a very useful and versatile tool to have at your disposal.

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