Best Auto Glass Cleaner

Grime and dirt on cars can leave thin films of oil, leaving the windshield and windows foggy and smeary. The best auto glass cleaner gets rid of accumulated dirt, leaving car glass windows sparkling clean.

Ideal auto glass cleaners should be ammonia-free so that the tinted glass windows will not get damaged. Also, good cleaners must leave a shiny finish on the cleaned glass windows.

Auto Glass Cleaner Reviews

Body Gloss Final Detail Spray


The Final Detail Spray by Body Gloss removes dust and fingerprints from surfaces of trucks, cars and motorcycles. It provides a barrier that can make you see well even if it’s snowing or raining. It has a pleasant bubble gum scent.

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Eagle One 836607 Glass Cleaner


The 836607 Glass Cleaner by Eagle One has an ammonia-free formulation that cuts through bugs, grime, smokers haze and vinyl fog. It’s formulated to leave a spot-free and streak-free shine. It’s safe for mirrors and tinted windows.

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Sprayway Glass Cleaner Aerosol Spray (19 oz.)


The Glass Cleaner Aerosol Spray (19 oz.) by Sprayway cleans windshields, mirrors, glass windows and other hard surfaces. Its formula dissolves grease, dirt, grime and grit. It leaves no film.

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NOCO Squeaky E800S Glass Cleaner


The Squeaky E800S Glass Cleaner by NOCO cleans and lifts grime and dirt. Its foaming agent doesn’t leave streaky residue or drip. You can use it in kitchens or bathrooms and for automobiles. It’s not ideal for polycarbonate plastic.

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Invisible Glass Premium Glass Cleaner (92164)


The Premium Glass Cleaner (92164) by Invisible Glass offers invisible clarity and superior cleaning power. It removes dust, oily dirt, sap, fingerprints, and pollutants. It’s useful on mirrors, windows and windshields.

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Premium Glass & Mirror Streak Free Cleaner


The Premium Glass & Mirror Streak Free Cleaner by TriNova is multi-purpose. You can use its streak-free formula can be used on any glass surface. The ammonia-free product quickly cleans grime and dirt. It works on outdoor and indoor glass.

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3M 08888 Glass Cleaner


The 08888 Glass Cleaner by 3M is an aerosol cleaner, which works on windshields, windows, side glass, and mirrors. As it is non-flammable, it won’t affect painted-on surfaces. It can also clean clear plastic, interior plastic, and automotive vinyl.

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Meguiar’s G8224 Perfect Clarity Glass Cleaner


The G8224 Perfect Clarity Glass Cleaner by Meguiar’s has a unique formulation, which cleans the dirtiest glass. It can also remove tree sap, road grime, vinyl fog, bird droppings and smokers’ film. You can use it on tainted windows.

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Rain-X 5071268 2-in-1 Glass Cleaner and Rain Repellant


The 5071268 2-in-1 Glass Cleaner and Rain Repellant by Rain-X is easy to use. Spray it on and wipe after with no buffing needed afterwards. It removes and prevents snow, sleet and road spray. It also repels rainwater.

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DRIVEN Extreme Duty Glass Cleaner


The Extreme Duty Glass Cleaner by DRIVEN removes the toughest stains and water-buildup from glass surfaces. It cleans glass on trucks, cars, and trailers. It cleans household glass like windows, shower doors, glass top stoves, and many others.

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How to Select Auto Glass Cleaners

Ammonia-free – Ammonia is effective in removing grease from glass. However, this is a harsh compound, causing damage to other car materials like vinyl, glass tint and rubber. It’s best to find an auto glass cleaner without it.

Surfactant-free – This is another effective ingredient that lifts and traps dirt from glass, but this leaves a soapy residue. This can leave streaks, so look for a glass cleaner, which is surfactant-free.

Alcohol-free – Alcohol has damaging effects on glass. It can turn glass cloudy and may even cause streaks and scratches. Avoid any alcohol components such as isopropyl alcohol.

Safe ingredients for protein-based smudges – The cleaner should have safe compounds that effectively remove protein-based debris like bug splats. Harsh chemicals will remove smudges, along with the paint and the finish.

Sealant – This compound will help protect the glass from future water etching. Water spots come from minerals left by dried water, which can become deeply embedded on the glass.

Polish – This is another desirable feature that will bring out the shine and improve the clarity of auto glass. This is most desirable on windshields.

Advantages of Using Car Glass Cleaners

No ammonia – Household glass cleaners often contains ammonia, which can damage the car’s interior. The fumes are also unsafe. Car glass cleaners do not contain ammonia and are safer for cars.

Safe on tinted windows – Ammonia in most household glass cleaners can damage the film on tinted car windows. Car glass cleaners do not have this damaging compound.

Protects tinted glass – Aside from safely and effectively cleaning glass, auto class cleaners also contain compounds that help in sealing in the tint film.

Safely removes stubborn spots – Car glass cleaners can safely remove spots, grease, dirt, mud, grime and the likes without damaging the glass or causing cloudiness.

Streak-free – With proper use and the right cleaning techniques, car glass cleaners leave the glass (windshield, windows) clear, clean and streak-free both inside and out.

Prolongs life of car glass – Replacing cloudy, scratched car glass is very costly. Using car glass cleaners maintains the good condition of these glasses, prolonging their life.

How to Clean Windows with Auto Glass Cleaners

Clean car glass last. Over spraying while washing the rest of the car can ruin an already cleaned glass. Avoid having to clean glass all over again by doing it last.

Use dry, microfiber cloth – This type of cloth will not scratch the glass or leave unsightly streaks. Use one for the cleaner and another for drying the glass.

Spray on the cloth – Some compounds in the cleaner can damage the rubber, plastic, etc. through overspray. Avoid this by directly spraying the cleaner on the cloth.

Clean under the shade – Place the car under the shade when cleaning car glass to prevent the cleaner from drying out quickly and leaving streaks, spots and residue.

Clean cooled glass – For the same reason, allow the auto glass to cool down first before applying cleaner solutions to avoid drying up too soon.

Place car under the sun after – This will make any spots and streaks more visible. Spot clean by applying cleaner on the cloth and gently buff over these areas.

Care Tips when Using Car Glass Cleaners

Give additional attention on the windshield – Visibility through your windshield is critical. Spend more time cleaning any cloudiness, spots, smudges, etc. on this car glass.

Clean wipers – All your efforts in cleaning the windshield will go to waste if your wipers are dirty. Clean it, too and check if it leaves streaks on the windshield. Changing it may be necessary.

Clean the edgings – This is often overlooked in cleaning car glass. Roll down the window a few inches and run the cleaners-dampened cloth to clean it.

Clean interior and exterior sides – Which side to clean first is a matter of personal preference. One thing to note is to apply tint-protecting cleaner on the interior, where the film is located.

Proper cleaning direction – Exteriors of car glass are best wiped from top to bottom and interiors wiped from side to side. This makes spotting streaks easier.

Use lint-free, lightweight, microfiberNewspapers, T-shirts and the likes are too rough on the glass and will leave lint and streaks. Use microfiber with at least 300GSM.

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