Best Tire Repair Kit

Vehicle tires are at risk of getting holes and running flat. Random metal particles, glass, small stones and screws on the road are to blame. The best tire repair kit resolves tiny holes and flat tire problems instantly.

Self-install tire repair kits usually contain essential yet basic tools to use when tires get holes. A kit should generally have hole plugs, tire cement, and T-handles. It must also be compact and easy to lug around.

Tire Repair Kit Reviews

ARB 10000010 Orange Speedy Seal Tire Repair Kit


The 10000010 Orange Speedy Seal Tire Repair Kit by ARB contains all the needed components to fix cross ply or tubeless radial tires. You don’t need to remove the tire. It can be handy for a long trip. read more

Best Trunk Bike Rack

Biking is one of the most versatile recreational activities ever. Biking enthusiasts usually mount their bikes on their cars when searching for the perfect place to ride. The best trunk bike rack can help them safely carry their bikes on their vehicles whenever they want a quick ride.

Checking the durability is important in choosing a trunk bike rack. A durable rack keeps a bike safely tucked on a vehicle’s trunk, so the owner doesn’t have to worry about it being strapped off the car.

Trunk Bike Rack Reviews

TYGER Deluxe Black 1-Bike Trunk Mount Bicycle Carrier Rack


The Deluxe Black 1-Bike Trunk Mount Bicycle Carrier Rack by TYGER features a hardy and sturdy construction. Its padded lower frame prevents bikes from the car. Its E-coating (black) offers protection against rust. read more

Best CB Radio

Truck drivers use several tools to stay connected to their fellow drivers, and one of them is the CB Radio. The best CB radio can help truck drivers share valuable information about roads and routes that they pass through.

Good CB radios are activated with a single button’s push, making it easy to use. They’re also more compact and safer to use even while on the road than a mobile phone.

CB Radio Reviews

29 LTD CHR Chrome Special Edition CB Radio


The 29 LTD CHR Chrome Special Edition CB Radio by Cobra has 40CB radio channels. Its front microphone connector lets you install the mike under dash or in dash. The SWR Calibration lets you know if the antenna requires adjustment. read more

Best Car Wash Mitt

Washing cars manually is still the preferred method of car owners. Manual car cleaning puts less stress on the vehicle and prevents damage to its paint. The best car wash mitt can help owners clean their cars gently and thoroughly.

A good car wash mitt should be made of soft microfiber to reduce scratches and damage to the exteriors. Microfiber wash mitts are also capable of picking up smaller pieces of dirt from the car.

Car Wash Mitt Reviews

Relentless Drive Ultimate Car Wash Mitt


The Ultimate Car Wash Mitt by Relentless Drive is made of chenille, double-sided microfiber, which can deliver a scratch- and lint-free shine. The absorbent material provides a swirl-free finish. It’s machine washable and holds water better than sheepskin. read more

Best Auto Glass Cleaner

Grime and dirt on cars can leave thin films of oil, leaving the windshield and windows foggy and smeary. The best auto glass cleaner gets rid of accumulated dirt, leaving car glass windows sparkling clean.

Ideal auto glass cleaners should be ammonia-free so that the tinted glass windows will not get damaged. Also, good cleaners must leave a shiny finish on the cleaned glass windows.

Auto Glass Cleaner Reviews

Body Gloss Final Detail Spray


The Final Detail Spray by Body Gloss removes dust and fingerprints from surfaces of trucks, cars and motorcycles. It provides a barrier that can make you see well even if it’s snowing or raining. It has a pleasant bubble gum scent. read more