Best Oil Drain Pan

Many car owners disregard the importance of an oil drain pan or container. In reality, the best oil drain pan helps in capturing all the old oils when the time to change a vehicle’s oil comes.

A good oil drain pan must be capable of preventing spillages. It should effectively catch the oils that come out of the vehicle during an oil change. Disposing these old oils becomes easier with the use of the drain pan.

Oil Drain Pan Reviews

Lisle 17922 Drain Pan


Lisle’s 17922 Drain Pan can catch all your car’s oil drips and other mess with its 7.5-gallon capacity. Its design makes it easy for you to pour and dispose liquid. This drain pan is a durable one in its class. read more

Best Windshield Sun Shade

Sunlight can damage a car’s interiors. Fabrics used in the car seats lose their brightness and color, and the dashboard gets cracked up. The best windshield sun shade keeps the sun’s rays, thereby preventing potential damage when parking it outdoors.

Good windshield sun shades block out the sun’s harmful rays to protect the car interiors from various damages. It also absorbs the sun’s heat to prevent the car from overheating from the inside.

Windshield Sun Shade Reviews

OxGord Auto Car Sunshade


OxGord Auto Car Sunshade by OxGord is a good windshield sun shade, which can do its job. With its large size, it can cover an entire windshield. You can fold it, making it easy to fit in any vehicle’s windshield. read more

Best Ice Scraper (And Snow Brush for Car)

Accumulated snow piling up on vehicles can potentially damage cars and wreck their exteriors. Clearing snow from cars is a must, but that task is tough to do manually. The best ice scraper and snow brushes for cars can help lighten the job.

Ice scrapers and brushes for cars must be gentle enough to avoid further damage to its paint and exteriors. They should also be tough enough to remove tons of snow ice that are too heavy to scrape off manually.

Ice Scraper (And Snow Brush for Car) Reviews

Hopkins 532 Mallory 26”


Hopkins 532 Mallory 26” is a durable product made by Mallory USA. It is a 2-in-1 snow removal tool, which has a brush on one end and a scraper on the other. This tool also has a foam grip, making it more comfortable to use. read more

Best Cassette Adapter

Vehicles with old cassette decks are likely unable to play music from modern electronic sources. For this reason, the best cassette adapter is needed to connect music from new auxiliary sources to the car’s existing audio systems.

Ideal auxiliary cassette adapters typically consist of an integrated auxiliary cord to accommodate CD players and MP3 players. The cords must be durable enough to last for a long time, and the adapter should emit minimal noise for a better audio music experience.

Cassette Adapter Reviews

MWIN Retro Car Cassette Adapter


This car cassette adapter allows you to listen to your favorite music while on the road. It has a 3.5 mm jack, making it compatible with iPods, mobile phones and mp3 players. read more

Best Floor Mats (For Cars)

Protecting a car’s interior flooring is important. When mud and dust come in contact with car floorings, damage is possible. This is why the best floor mats for cars are essential in keeping it clean and protected.

Good car floor mats are durable enough to withstand different environmental conditions. They fit the car floors snugly, ensuring good coverage. Mats should have properties that keep water and other fluids away from the passenger’s feet.

Floor Mats (For Cars) Reviews

WeatherTech Custom Floor Liner


This customized floor mat can cover the whole car interior efficiently. It traps fluid spills, so you can easily clean it. It is made of a strong material, thereby ensuring its durability. read more

Best RC Truck

Radio controlled trucks, also known as RC Trucks, are popular among children and hardcore older hobbyists. RC trucks abound in the market, but the best RC truck is bound to delight to all car enthusiasts out there.

Choosing a good RC truck requires checking its speed, durability, powerful motors and battery life. Creative and fun-looking RC trucks are also a plus factor.

RC Truck Reviews

Rock Crawler Radio Control Vehicle


Rock Crawler Radio Control Vehicle by Maisto has articulated suspensions and has TPE tires for ultra grip. It also has tri-channel transmitters that allow three people to play simultaneously. read more

Best Automotive Multimeter

Working on a vehicle’s electrical parts can be tricky. Thankfully, multimeters are here to guide electricians and mechanics in manipulating electrical parts on a car. The best automotive multimeter is a handy tool for car enthusiasts who regularly inspect and check their car’s electric parts.

Good automotive multimeters can identify various engine problems when used for testing wirings, switches and breaker points. The meters have auto shut-off and overloading protection functions. Probes and test leads should be free from damage and should work in tip-top condition. read more

Best Halogen Headlight Bulbs

Night drivers appreciate the light that their built-in vehicle headlights provide. However, it’s best for these drivers to have additional lighting to satisfy their car lighting needs. The best halogen headlight bulbs can give that much-needed light boost for any car.

Drivers who aren’t keen on replacing their car lights with LED ones will find halogen headlight bulbs an ample alternative. Good halogen bulbs give off noticeable yellowish light, which is bright and long-lasting, enough to light up a dark road. read more

Best Car Ramps

Common car projects require car owners and mechanics to lift their vehicles a bit higher off the ground. The most adequate tool to use for this purpose is the best car ramp.

Car ramps elevate vehicles from the ground so that mechanics can properly work underneath the vehicle. That being said, a good car ramp must be capable of gripping the car firmly to keep safety in check.

Car Ramps Reviews



RhinoRamps by RhinoGear are sturdy and durable automotive ramps that give users convenient access to the underside of the vehicle. Its capacity is about 12,000 pounds. read more

Best Tire Sealant

Flat tires are troublesome, right? Left unchecked, they can be potentially dangerous for the commuter. Instead of using a spare tire to replace them, the best tire sealant can be used to revive repairable flat tires, making them functional again.

Tire sealants are ready-to-go kits that can plug small holes on flat tires. The ideal tire sealant should fully coat the tire’s interiors and exteriors to provide a fast and effective fix for small flat tire problems.

Tire Sealant Reviews

NoTubes Tire Sealant


NoTubes Tire Sealant by Stans-No Tubes can seal a tire with long lasting protection. It has low-viscosity formula that resists freezing and it can be injected through valve stems. read more