Best Power Inverter For Car

All car owners should have a set of basic car tools and accessories—including a power inverter. You don’t want to lug around a portable generator, do you? Get the best power inverter for car instead.

You can take your pick between a 12-volt or a 24-volt inverter. Here’s a tip: choose one that comes with two- and three-pronged AC outlets, and a USB port for charging digital devices.

Power Inverter For Car Reviews

ENERGIZER 1100 Watt Power Inverter


The 1100W Power Inverter by Energizer has an LCD display where you can monitor the voltage as well as its battery level. It has a silent thermal fan and 2 USB ports 2.1A. You’ll never run out of power again. read more

Best Roof Rack

Are you fond of outdoor sports that utilizes numerous and large equipment? Do you regularly transport huge bags or boxes? If it’s yes, then you must get the best roof rack available.

You don’t have to be an outdoorsy person to appreciate this car accessory. The sleek and sturdy bars make it possible to safely transport large-sized gear or containers that won’t fit inside your car.

Roof Rack Reviews

Curt 18115 Roof Mounted Cargo Rack


The Curt 18115 Roof Mounted Roof Rack is a sturdy and lightweight rack that can carry all your essential things without worrying anything. It is easy to install, making it hassle free for you. read more

Best Steam Cleaner For Cars

A clean car is not just one that shines on the outside; it is also neat and smells fresh and clean inside. If this is exactly what you want, then you should get the best steam cleaner for cars.

Steam cleaning is a great alternative to the old school method of using rags and pails of soapy water. It works best for cleaning the interiors, too. No more praying for a humid afternoon so that the carpets and upholstery can dry completely!

Steam Cleaner For Cars Reviews

MC1275 Heavy-Duty Steam Cleaner


The MC1275 Heavy-Duty Steam Cleaner by McCulloch is an effective cleaner for cars. Its steam can last long and it works hard to remove stains and dirt on hard to reach areas, even on wheels. read more

Best Bluetooth Car Adapter

Do you enjoy listening to music as when driving? Does your work require you to entertain calls any time of the day—even when you’re behind the wheel? If it’s yes to both, then you need to have the best Bluetooth car adapter.

Different models offer different sets of features, but most now offer a built-in charger, aptX connectivity for better audio quality, and hands-free protocol with a microphone for better phone call reception.

Bluetooth Car Adapter Reviews

BTC450 Bluetooth Hands-Free Car Kit


The BTC450 Bluetooth Hands-Free Car Kit by Kinivo is a perfect partner for cars. It allows you to answer calls and play music as you drive without hassle using its built-in microphone and music controls. read more

Best Car Phone Mount

Car safety 101 says don’t drive and use your phone at the same time. But what if you need the GPS to navigate the unfamiliar streets of a new city? If you have the best car phone mount on your dash,and you can use your phone without risking a driving accident.

The mount will either stick to the back of your phone, or clamp it firmly in place on the dashboard. You can then use your smartphone’s voice-command features to search traffic routes, play music, etc.

Car Phone Mount Reviews

iOttie Easy One Touch 2


The iOttie Easy One Touch easily locks and releases your phone with just one click. Its sticky features secure your phone while driving, giving you comfort and ease. It can support phones up to 3.2 inches wide. read more

Best LED Light Bar (for cars)

When your headlights get busted or dim, and they cannot widely illuminate a darkened highway, wouldn’t you feel unsafe?If you frequently have to drive through dark roads, you need to get the best LED light bar (for cars).

LED bulbs give off better quality light. They are cheaper and last longer than old-fashioned bulbs with filaments. Whether mounted on the roof or the front hood of a car, seeing the road and being seen on the road at night won’t be a problem anymore.

LED Light Bar (for cars) Reviews

Econoled 20″ Led-22″ Light Bar


The Econoled 20” Led-22” Light Bar is an easy to use LED bar for your car. It has plug-and-play wiring for easy installation. The lights have zero UV emissions. You can switch them on and off instantly without warm up. read more

Best Mechanics Creeper

If reading the phrase, “best mechanics creeper” makes you laugh or ask someone else what the heck this means, consider it as a sign that you need to buy one.

This is a useful tool for any household with a car. This makes checking underneath a vehicle easier and more comfortable. Simply lie on the creeper and push with your legs to roll underneath a car. Some are padded, but all are sturdy and wide enough to accommodate an adult’s upper body weight.

Mechanics Creeper Reviews

Omega 91000 Black 40″ Foldable Z Creeper


The Omega 91000 Z Creeper is a large, heavy-duty creeper, which can support up to 450 pounds. It has a padded headrest. It easily transforms into a convenient seat, which also takes up less storage space. read more

Best Car Top Carrier

Imagine if you travelled cross-country with bags and expensive sports gear stowed on the roof of your car. Then it rains, and everything gets wet or even damaged. That would be a nightmare! Avoid this mishap by getting the best car top carrier.

This has a sturdy, water-proof cover and firmly attaches to the roof of your car. This extends your vehicle’s storage capacity without reducing legroom or seating space. Choose the model that best suits the structure of your car.

Car Top Carrier Reviews

RoofBag Explorer Waterproof Soft Car Top Carrier for Any Car Van or SUV


You can strap the RoofBag Explorer down to most cars. It is strong enough to stay secure even at high speed. It’s made in the USA with heavy-duty materials and ideal for people who need a reliable carrier for regular use. read more

Best Chrome Wheel Cleaner (and polish)

Even if you don’t have the flashiest car, it can still steal attention when it gleams and shines. That’s why if you have chrome rims and wheels, you also need to have the best chrome wheel cleaner (and polish).

Chrome is a reflector, a mirror surface. This means dirt, dents and scratches are easily visible. A very good set of spray-on cleaner and wax will solve that, plus add a coat of protection to make the surface more impervious to dust and scratches.

Chrome Wheel Cleaner (and polish) Reviews

Mothers 05824 Pro-Strength Chrome Wheel Cleaner


The Pro-Strength Chrome Wheel Cleaner by Mothers is suitable for those who want an easy-to-use polish. Its spray-on, hose-off design eliminates the need to scrub the car yourself. The spray covers and penetrates any chrome surface to remove all dirt. read more

Best Satellite Radio (for SiriusXM in Car)

Listening to your cellphone playlist while driving is very common now, but sometimes, and especially when mobile Internet connection is bad, listening to satellite radio is much better. If you’re nodding right now, you must get the best satellite radio (for SiriusXM in car)… if you haven’t already!

You can listen to music whenever you want with Sirius XM. Many brand new cars still come with a satellite radio, so connectivity won’t be a problem. No need to fiddle with wires, plugs, and syncing playlists, too. read more